What You Can Get By Investing In Safety Courses

Many people think that chances of injuries and accidents may be non-existent in an air-conditioned office, but all it takes is one negligent employee to create a domino effect. Hazards at work can come in various forms, from toxic substances to musculoskeletal disorders and even stress and anxiety.

It is not every day that people figure in accidents in the workplace. In part, that is due to the fact that people have become more aware of these hazards and have taken the necessary precautions. Furthermore, authorities have put in measures to minimise, if not totally eliminate, hazards. Non-compliant businesses may face fines or even stiff penalties for skirting laws and regulations. That is not to say that accidents do not happen in the modern workplace.

Annually, millions of injuries and work-related diseases are reported from various parts of the globe. This is why it is necessary to invest in a healthy and safe workplace through different available measures, including emergency training courses. Remember, health and safety in the workplace are not simply a requirement that your business must strictly follow. In fact, investing in this makes perfect business sense.

With accidents and health-related illnesses kept at bay, you are assured that productivity and employee morale are maintained while avoiding costly expenses. Building a safe and healthy workplace is anchored upon the idea that both concepts are the responsibility of each member of the organisation. Apart from investing in health and safety awareness training for staff members, there are a few things that organisations need to put into place. For one, it is essential to develop a clear policy about health and safety in the office.

This policy should clearly outline the organisation’s overall health and safety plan, the measures that are going to be enforced, and how these measures are going to be monitored as well. It is also critical for the organisation to identify and assess risks and hazards in the workplace. After this, the next order of business is to put into place measures that will control these risks and hazards. A good place to start would be checking out recommendations and standards laid out by regulatory bodies in your industry.

Intimacy: Can Someone Be Unaware Of Their Own Fear Of Intimacy?

If someone has the desire to be in an intimate relationship, they may find that it is only a matter of time before they meet the right person. Alternatively, they may find that they are only able to get so far.

The months will then pass and this area of their life won’t change, causing them to experience a lot of frustration. There is even the chance that a number of years will pass and this area of their life still won’t change.

Two Sides

One is then going to have the desire to be with someone but it won’t be possible for them to fulfil this desire. It can then be as if they are playing their part, yet the world is not meeting them half way.

This could show that one has been using different dating apps and going out on a regular basis. If, after experiencing life in this way for quite some time, they were to feel like a victim, it wouldn’t be a surprise.

Fully On Board

They will be clear about what they want to experience and they will have taken the steps to make this happen, only for this area of their life to have stayed the same. It will have been as though they picked a destination and followed the right directions to get there, however, they ended up somewhere else entirely.

Experiencing life in this way could cause them to believe that someone, or something, is holding them back. Seeing couples could be very hard for them, as it will remind them of exactly what they haven’t been able to experience.

A Slightly Different Experience

At the same time, one may have been in a number of relationships but each time they may have been with someone who was unavailable. So, even though they were with them, they wouldn’t have been able to emotionally connect to them.

They may find it hard to decide which of these two experiences is more frustrating, or they may find that being with someone who is unavailable is worse. The reason for this is that they would have got their hopes up, only to be brought right back down to earth again.

The Problem

If one has been with a number of people who were unable to commit, they may believe that other people are the ones who need to change, not them. Until they change and are ready to share their heart, their life won’t change.

At some point, one could put this area of their life to one side and focus on other areas of their life. This area of their life is then going to be out of their control, and they will just have to wait until it changes.

Two Levels

The thing is, though, just because one says that they want to have a relationship and they take certain actions to make this happen, it doesn’t mean that every part of them is on board with this desire. Nevertheless, if they are only aware of what is taking place in their head, what they do, and what they say to others, they are not going to realise this.

Deep down, in their unconscious mind, they may only feel comfortable with keeping people at a distance. Consciously, then, what is taking place is not going to make any sense but, unconsciously, everything will be going to plan.


What this illustrates is that what is taking place in their unconscious mind has far more control over their life than what is taking place in their conscious mind. When these parts work together, magic can happen; when they don’t, it can lead to a lot of pain and suffering.

The trouble is that when one is not aware of the impact that this part of them is having on their life, it can be normal for them to feel powerless. In most cases, what is going on ‘out there’ will be seen as the problem.

The Main Need

This part of them will only allow them to experience what feels safe; therefore, if they are unable to experience intimacy, it is likely to show that this is perceived as something that is a threat to their very survival. Now, it might be hard for their conscious mind to understand how intimacy could put their life at risk.

The thing about this part of ones being is that it can forget that it has forgotten about certain things. So, even though this part of them might completely dismiss this as having no basis in reality, it doesn’t mean that this is the case.

Emotional Archaeology

If one was to put what is taking place in their conscious mind to one side and to reflect on what took place during their early years, they may gain a certain amount of insight into their current challenge. They may find that this was a time when their boundaries were not respected.

This could have been a time when they felt smothered and overwhelmed by the people around them, which would have caused them to lose themselves. At this age, this would have been a lot for them to handle, and getting close to others would then have been associated as something that wasn’t safe.


As the years passed, ones conscious mind (head) would have gradually forget about what took place but their unconscious mind (body) would have remembered. This part of them has no sense of time, so it won’t be as though this is how their life was; it will be as though it is how their life is.
If one can relate to this, and they want to change their life, they may need to reach out for external support. This can take place with the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

Reading And Journaling: The Keys To Success

If there’s anything you should make time for in your life, its reading and journaling. You can learn a lot from books, whether they’re business books, marketing-related books, biographies, or even fictional stories.

In addition to learning from reading, you will more than likely also find great stories and information you can pass on to your prospects and clients as well.

But, you might be asking yourself, who has time for that reading, right?

Well, we tend to find the time for the things that are important to us, so part of this scenario is seeing the value in this and incorporating it into your life.

If you have a specific time you go to bed each night, you might be able to carve out a little time just before you turn in to read and journal. What do you do right before you go to bed now?

You might watch television, or maybe enjoy a night cap, or maybe you just sit down and do nothing. Instead of doing nothing, or watching a rerun, invest in reading or writing, or maybe both. Pick up a book, 30 minutes to an hour before you go to bed, and commit to spending a small amount of time reading. Pick up a pen, and a notebook, or a journal, and spend some time reflecting and writing.

The best thing about a journal is you can put whatever you want in it. It’s yours! Maybe you want to chronicle the days of your life, or write about new learning’s you’ve gained from your reading, or maybe you do some gardening and you want to remember certain things you tried this year so you can have a better year next year.

The point is to spend some time jotting down whatever matters to you, and reading. You never know what new things you can learn from investing a small amount of time in a good book.

If you don’t know where to start, there are a lot of resources that can help you.

Many websites have book reviews. There’s even one on the Complete Marketing Systems blog site. Its fun to share your thoughts on books with others (like friends and family or even business associates), and help to inspire others to pick up something worth reading.

Take time to invest in your mental health. Read a book. Do some journaling. Use them to gain knowledge and as a source to look back on, not just for personal growth, but for professional growth as well.